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Laetitia Casta is both literally and figuratively broken the mold waif The upper part of the United Kingdom has been dominated for decades. Born May 11 1978 in Pont-Audemer, France, which has brought curves back to top Fashion magazines, even though he did not do it without conflict. Its name means "joy" in Latin, and she led a very happy life in Normandy where he lived with his family in the country. Before that, however, she lived in Corsica, where his father had Dominique. Laetitia is very shy and has admitted on several occasions to intimidate by men, which can stun the minds of some men. However, it has become much less shy when the line of the mother brought her sister Marie-Ange in the the world, Laetitia inspired to become a model for their young sister. His childhood also met early "development" of its members, who first made her feel awkward about her appearance, but A few years later, he realized what he had desired, and was Then he found a photographer in Madison models. In 1993, Laetitia signed with Guess? John and Victoria Secret in 1996. Its popularity continued and she landed in places to 1997 1998 and 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. She has appeared in nearly 100 covers of fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour and momentum continues. In 2000, the country-Victoria Secret show him focus on his own business. She was also in several L'Oreal commercials, many of which he is joined by Simon Rex. Laetitia not only in all the press, but is establishing himself as a credible actor and, after being in Asterix, starring Gerard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni and Christian Clavier in the most expensive French film ever made. She is also shooting a French television film The Blue Bicycle. She tried to win the coveted role in a Mexican woman kidnapped by bandits in Texas Rangers, but lost to Leonor Varela. This can be appropriate with Laetitia's curves it is in contact with Hispanic roles, and can be a way for her to break into American films. He took the role in March from Chris Isaak's love interest in her child video Bad thing was ugly. An industry does not appear Laetitia has a lot of gossip columns, as much as we tried, very little inside scoop is out of Laetitia, But perhaps in his native country. It is called dating famous humanitarian Faiz Ahmad, but in a recent spat with a fool French taxi driver who went ballistic when they hear the constant ringing Laetitia, mobile phone, was with her boyfriend photographer / director Stephane Sednaoui. Although Laetitia has not been made explicit nude work, has naked in what we would call "artistic" shots, and it awakens the passion if she is "beautiful" in the strict sense. When it was France chosen as the new "Marianne", many wondered if it was worthy and that included a nod to his predecessors, like Brigitte Bardot and model Ines de la Fressange. Go to his official website, you will find the same The most passionate supporters belittle the teeth beauty, Laetitia Admits that many of its executives wanted to "fixed", but Authenticity is perhaps its greatest charm, and defends her curves and imperfections for the same reasons, some trustworthy Women's 'shy' that many of his peers in the American entertainment industry should take example.

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