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The Colombian export was born July 10, 1972, Barranquilla, Colombia. "La Toti", because of his family, he was very close to his family, which consisted of five brothers and sisters and cousins ??a lot. A quiet child, Sofia studied a lot and took school very seriously. When his nose was not in books, was surrounded by music, if it was to see his family, singing, dancing and playing or listening her favorite group Menudo (Ricky Martin to fame before Livin 'La Vida Loca). A mischievous child who loved Barbies, Sofia also spent much time in his father's farm, where she swam in the river and ride horses. Sofia was a student at a private bilingual elementary school school, where not only have learned and complete his knowledge of English, she developed tight, lasting friendships. As for boyfriends, she five ex-boyfriends, the most important is the father of her son, Manolo. Married to her boyfriend of 4 years to 18 years, her ex-husband gave the greatest gift of all, his son, now 8 years old. After Manolo was born, Sofia was set to become a dentist, but found a career change paths.A playful child who loved Barbies, Sofia has also spent time on the farm of his father, where she swam in the river and rode horses. Sofia was a student of a private bilingual elementary school where she not only came to learn and improve his English She has developed skills tight, lasting friendships. As for boyfriends, it only has 5 ex-boyfriends, the most important being the father her son, Manolo. Married to her boyfriend at the age of 4 years 18, her former husband gave her the best gift of all, his son, who is 8. After Manolo was born, Sofia was set on the future dentist, but was facing a career change. Discovery by a photographer while walking a Colombian beach (Laetitia Casta It was also discovered in the sand of a beach), Sofia began to receive modeling offers. Since modeling was more attractive and charming than the becoming a dentist, Sofia decided to try their hand at modeling, three years later he began studying dentistry. Drag your dentist uniform Togs for the designer, Sophia started modeling career. After an appearance in the Pepsi commercial, which was sent throughout the house in Colombia Sofia moved to Bogotá at the age of 20 years, where she worked the runway and on television. One of his biggest claims to fame was her co-hosting function Fuera Fernando Fiore on the series, a series which sent her in exotic locations around the world. Broadcast on Univision, with Sofia the second hosted by 1995-1999, gave Sofia American exposure and made a a star in the Latin American market. That same year he began trips, Sofia appeared on Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma, and has recently starred in the series que no te atreves. In addition to his TV work, Sofia's latest project is her calendar, Sofia 2000, He describes the most courageous thing he did. He also designed a full type fastener designed for women, and appears in commercials Bally gyms. This summer, Sofia appeared on the cover of the channels I got the magazine and Gear. With a huge following on the Internet Sofia has become one of the most watched women in cyberspace. With own website,, enjoying an average of more than 12 million visits per month (six months after launching the site), Sofia has become "Undisputed Latin virtual queen". Among the preferred Sofia: Favorite Movie: The Godfather favorite actors: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Marlon Brando (of course) favorite singer or group: Shakira Cher favorite TV show: Sex and the City favorite hobby: Playing with Manolo (her son) in Sofia can be a cyber-Latin and TV Goddess but his favorite work is motherhood. What should you know?

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