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In my ongoing effort to treat objects like women, or However, the moralizing speech yesterday, I set up a section for girls You can search my site so they can have an excuse to hate the right the door. The type of girls who say, "This is a type things ". It is my belief that I will not go out with a girl who think of us against them mentality. There are only two perfect girls in the world, one is my mother and the other is married to one of my best friends Lee and NO does not have a sister. He is kind of girl who thinks "It's such a guy thing" but it would not For example, the cause is kind of a little man anyway. Not means "was a man, but is no longer a" kind of way. I do not mean the type of girl who not only want to get naked and play "Hide your finger", but the type of girl that is your best friend too. The type of woman you are happy you are sharing your day or life. This is a breed of femininity that is hard to find and I really not fair. Mostly because my friends are happily married big girls, when I'm stuck in one of the bachelor life. I am stranded, living alone, and eating out in restaurants every night, stay late, and leave when I want. It sucks really, because girls I date are all models or lapdancers to save a little money school in the fall. It always happens to be next fall . Yes, dear reader, is a hard life, and all I have to show my efforts is a shoebox of funny pictures. None of my friends are married envy. Although Lee keeps saying something about "the life of the proxy through me, "I'm going to go see that as soon as I entered this little outburst. I should add that I am sure that my girl friend Jay is pretty damn cool, what I heard. It 's just that I'm still to meet with him. But I digress ... I like doing. Are digresser heart. So once I was informed by some of my friends, those friends Stiles is Jay and I have to get Jmanz Stileproject some "Sweet FHM and Maxim girls write" on the site if I ever increase traffic and give me a good fan base going small. Nothing like a few fans to send photos in their pajamas to make your heart stop beating. My fans have followed in the 80 Clint Vander Klok, when I toured with the Thompson Twins and Grand Funk The railroad. It bothers me because even if I put some new albums the mid-90's, I've never found an audience. But aside while we have? Let's digress again my first choice for Stacey Sanches, a girl I know nothing, or should say I knew nothing about until last night. I can say with pride that I present Wiggles I like to call it, fine. I would not find in a first for the site. Make no mistake, it's nice and all, but I leaning more towards a girl Pamela Anderson type. But Stacey begging and prayed with me. She called my house twice, twice to provide preeeetty do crazy things and unpleasant for me, if I put place, and when I woke up around the dream this morning I could not I remember what they were, but the remote possibility that it was a sort of Nostradamic is a strange sight, I leave you to accept one of Stacey Sanches. I had to put up a bio about the good old Sanches "Stacey, the cause that's what you do right? You have a page to glorify the greatness Stacey their birthday is and where you can send emails obsessed fan. Well Guess what people, not one of Stacey bio in 20 or sites I visited yesterday, which was dedicated to him. I went to at and threw his name into the search box and came with bucket jack squat. Oh, they had information on his form, as many freckles on her ass: Due to the graphical nature of this freckle, viewer discretion advised. What I found instead a funny shape discuss the words of Stacey turn-ons have been a lot of photos and images Dear God in heaven, and more photos. I'm really SICK Stacy Sanches pictures, ha ha ok maybe not. Then I thought and realized in 1500 when the boys come to this part of my website weekly to review the model of the week on a string, the last they care about is his birthday and his favorite food. So I'm goinna skip the bios and just go for sandwiches of bread .. or It's the meat? I join the models would have one and just put a good old photos. So get ready. Here are a couple photos by Stacey Sanches.

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